Technical Sound Designer 

This is Unreal 5.1 with Wwise integrated. I created this boss fight in unreal using free Unreal marketplace assets. All of the logic was created by me, the level design, combat design and most importantly the audio. I utilized a couple different techniques to dial in my mix. I built a side chaining multiband compressor and layered my priority to emphasize critical game play sounds. I also chose specific sounds such as the intro animation to this boss to cut through everything. This was incredibly fun to make and I appreciate everyone who gave me a second pair of ears to help me better my mixing skills.

This is a souls like third person combat game I developed that features tons of different game design systems. Above the video is showing some examples of systems that I utilized specifically for technical audio. I have many other systems that are tailored specifically to game design and combat design. However my biggest focus is the technical sound design system… and also that’s me in the corner.

Technical Audio Demo Reel

GOW audio RE-design. After beating the Valkyrie Queen on god of war difficulty, I wanted to sound design the fight just because I thought the fight was so good.

Mortal Kombat audio paint-over. I wanted to specifically focus on impacts, magic, blood and gore and a slight amount of ambience to fill the space. So I left out foot steps and music. This was a lot of fun to make!

Doom audio re design and an in-depth description of dynamic ambience I created.

In-depth Sound design of the main mechanic of my game the AquaVac

Legends of Runeterra

Audio Redesign

This is an audio redesign of Legends of Runeterra. a card game created by Riot.

Fácil Viene, Fácil Se Vá

This is a Day of the dead inspired piece that I sound designed for CrowBones Studios. This is a personal favorite of mine.

Solaris Rift

Solaris Rift is an inter galactic based card game based on three factions. This game was built in a custom engine. All of the audio was made by me. This game is now available on Steam.